G-Man Jerry Cotton

September 17, 2014

CC2, Hans Weigand, Heimo Zobernig

Presentation: September 17, 2014, 10.45 pm
Presentation & Live soundtrack: September 18, 2014, 10.45 pm

in the exhibition full horn featuring works by daniela steinfeld in the former teilelager, hans weigand’s artist film jerry cotton was projected on a work by heimo zobernig consisting of projector screens. new scenes kept being added to the film when hans weigand’s fellow artists joined in. the film’s showdown took place at paris bar in berlin. what’s more, hans weigand’s daughter katharina produced a kind of sequel to the film with artists of her generation. both jerry cotton films were shown in the original version. on the following day, hans weigand, who has repeatedly given concerts with artists such as raymond pettibon and heimo zobernig, set the films to live music by cc2 on the grounds of FAHRBEREITSCHAFT. ah